Tuesday, September 19, 2006

BONANZA @ The Spitz Festival Of Folk 2006

Bonanza will be guest DJ at The Spitz Festival Of Folk:

Thursday 28th September '06
John Renbourn (Yes that's right... fuckin' 'ell)


Thursday 21st September '06
Spiers & Boden live

1. John Fahey-I Am The Resurrection.
2. Washington Phillips-Mothers Last Word To Her Son.
3. The 18th Day Of May-Eighteen Days.
4. Led Zeppelin-Bron Y Aur Stomp.
5. Dave Van Ronk-Twelve Gates To The City.
6. Fairpot Convention-If (Stomp).
7. Davey Graham-Black Is The Colour of My True Loves Hair.
8. The Left Banke-I've Got Something On My Mind.
9. Tom Rush-Feel Like I Lost My Driving Wheel.
10. Gene Clarke-Echoes
11. Salem-Something Keeps You Going.
12. Steve Young-Montgomery In The Rain
13. John Renbourn-Kokomo Blues.
14. Neil Young-Goin' Back
15. Kris Kristoffersen-The News
16. Loudon Wainwright-Black Uncle Remus.
17. Tom Petty-Down South
18. Waylon Jennings+Lee Hazlewood-Rock Salt & Nails
19. Richard & Lynda Thompson-I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight
20. Phil Ochs-The War Is Over
21. John Hartford-Skippin' In The Mississippi Dew
22. Bert Jansch-Veronica
23. Gordon Giltrap-Fast Approaching
24. Onions-Old Straight Track
25. 18th Day Of May-Casey Jones
26. Crosby, Stills & Nash-Wooden Ships
27. Glen Cambell- Universal Soldier
28. The Lefte Banke- She May Call You Up Tonight
29. Kris Kristoffersen- The Taker
30. The Dillards-Big Bayou
31. Davey Graham-Cocaine

Los Desterrados Live

32. Bobby Bare Jnr-Back To Blue
33. Nathan Abshire-Les Filles De Canada
34. Scott H. Biram-Lost Case Of Being Found
35. Leo Kottke-Bean Time
36. Gordon Giltrap-Lucifer's Cage

Spiers & Boden Live

37. Phil Ochs-Chords of Fame
38. Fairport Convention- Ma It's Only Witchcraft
39. Tom Petty-Flirting With Time
40. Doug Kershaw-Cajun Joe
41. Buck Owens-Before You Go
42. Gene Clarke-French Girl
43. John Hartford- Hey Jude
44. Mickey Newbury-Apples Dipped in Candy.
45. Tom Rush-Urge For Going


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