Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bonanza Presents: 'Countrier Than Thou'

Bonanza Presents:
'Countrier Than Thou'...
(Country Blues Americana)

@ The Lock Tavern
Thursday 24th February 2011

Live acts:


Bonanza's 'Countrier Than Thou' club night (Last Thursday of every month) has been successfully presenting the best in Country, Blues, Americana and Roots music for over three years at the Lock Tavern back in the days when Country was a dirty word round these parts and Americana was thought by some to be a typo error!

Bonanza has sourced excellence in traditional Country as well as the most forward thinking Avant-Country, Blues, Americana and Roots music with zero irony just good old-fashioned quality music and very good times.

Bonanza also hosts a popular weekly radio show on ResonanceFM as well as numerous other club nights in the capital.

Live acts:

'Cornish lads are fishermen, and Cornish boys are miners too, but when the fish and tin are gone, what are the Cornish boys to do…?'

Well probably something as gloriously erstwhile as these boys... Surrounded by beers, beards and banjos Here are are four lads, collectively known as Crowns, together kicking around the local bars all baby-faced compared to their peers and with a collective age of only ONE Rolling Stone these lads hang on every verse, jig and reel in the smoky, salty air.

With a double shot of spunky youth, Crowns emit a mix of rousing sing-along anthems, Avant- Celtic Sea Shanties, foot-stomping rhymes and swaying, heartfelt ballads.

Crowns, now an export, are running Londoners ragged all over the capital, spreading little drops of Cornwall in their wake... We should know cos they rocked Bonanza's Joe Strummer Day Of The Dead tribute at Filthy MacNasty's last year. Can't wait.

+ Winterhours:
Bonanza is very excited to have Winterhours play at Countrier Than Thou this month with their majestic and ehuberant wall of Psychedelic Country-Rock and Americana.

Their 'Golden Assembly' EP of last year was rarely off the Bonanza turntable with it's swirling, chiming, backwards guitars bursting through phase and tremelo like the first blooms of a dewy Spring comedown Sunday morning!!!

Tonight they will showcase their upcoming new single for a Lock Tavern crowd's exclusive delectation with it's dreamy, atmospheric, sometimes delicate at others times epic wall of sound. Laden with emotion and colour, echoing rich, lush harmonies to weep and die for and showing the band paying homage to their Americana, Folk and Indie influences.

There's a definite nod to the drama and beauty of Band Of Horses as well as a knowing reminiscience of the Paisley Underground bands of the 1980's; Rain Parade, Long Ryders, Dream Syndicate as well Big Star, The Byrds, Shoegaze Indie and even a touch of Madchester/Stone Roses-isms and there's nowt wrong with that 'ar kyd.

+ Guest DJ
Wolf Council
('Acid-Western' Soundtracks, Murder Ballads & Old Blues)

+ Guest DJ
Bound For Glory
(Country, Alt Country, Americana)

+Bonanza DJ Set (ResonanceFM)
(Country, Blues, Americana)

+ film projections

Thursday 24th February 2011
@The Lock Tavern,
35 Chalk Farm Road,
Free Entry

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