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Countrier Than Thou @ The Lock Tavern

Bonanza Presents:
'Countrier Than Thou'… Country-Blues-Americana

@ The Lock Tavern

Thursday 28th July 2011

Bonanza's 'Countrier Than Thou' club night (last Thursday of every month) has been successfully presenting the best in Country, Blues, Americana and Roots Music for over three years at the Lock Tavern way back in the days when Country was still a dirty word round these parts and Americana was thought by some to be simply a typo error!

Bonanza has consistently sourced excellence in traditional Country as well as the most forward thinking Avant-Country, Blues, Americana and Roots music with zero irony just good old-fashioned quality music and very good times.

Bonanza also broadcasts a popular weekly radio show (relaunching in September) on Resonance 104.4FM as well as running numerous other club nights and dj sets in the capital.

Live acts

The Lucky Strikes:
First time on the Bonanza stage for this bunch of twisted, Americana renegades who were featured on the cover-mounted cd of the January edition of Uncut Magazine no less. Uncut went on to describe them as 'one’s to watch in 2011’and we ain’t gonna argue with that.

The Lucky Strikes will be showcasing their brand new album, ‘Gabriel Forgive My 22 Sins’ , a concept album of epic proportions which tells the tale of boxing champ, Frankie Valentinez, who loses his mind after throwing a fight.

The Strikes' wrap this tale in a dusty, old parchement of CrazyHorse styled Avant-Country Rock. A sort of amalgam of 'Exile' era Stones with The Black Keys at their loudest’. This is raucous, Rock 'n' Roll with a thumping Blues heart beat... or should that be Heart-BEEF?.. These boys also know how to play soft and delicate in equal amounts to display bathos, pathos and melancholy as well as balls to the wall Rock 'N' Roll.

There is also more than a Spaghetti Western, camp-fire whiff of such diverse characters as Ennio Morricone, Calexico, Tom Waits, Neil Young, The Band with Bob Dylan as well as tobacco, typewriters, whiskey and fiddles all telling the tale of the sale of Robert Johnson’s soul at a Mississippi Crossroads.

+ The Marlboro County Fair:
A welcome return for Bonanza’s favourite exponents of Psych-Country-Rock and arguably the best band name this side of Texas!…

These good old Country boys from Salisbury-Country will scare and charm you in equal, three-finger, whiskey measures with their dusty road-movie tales of the darkest love/hate love stories. Equally adept at dream-like swooning Psychedelia; moody melodies sway and stagger drunkenly into shimmering, bitter-sweet harmonies that could all have jumped straight out of the guitar cases of The Byrds, Willie Nelson or Waylon Jennings.

Armed with a new batch of songs and an added maturity of songwriting that will have the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end and will send a shiver down your spine… well they did me!


Shake It Like A Cavemen:
Could Bonanza have perhaps discovered theeeeeeee best One Man Band EVER?.. No because as Jacques Derrida explained there’s no such thing as 'best or better, simply equivalences!' But before I disappear up a 'Deconstructivist ass-hole' let me tell you about 'Shakey…’

He is a one man band with the power of an orchestra. A man by the name of Snake but looking like an octopus as he psychotically but skillfully and simultaneously plays guitar, drums, harmonica whilst also providing all the vocals. Incredible to see but even more incredible to hear as he melds all your favourite sounds of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and brings it all right up to date. Imagine MC5 jamming with Ariel Pink and calling it MC1 or Todd Rundgren on the road with early ZZ Top providing authentic, broken-down, no messing, proper-sounding old school Blues that is good for your soul… You will all love him I guarantee it!

+ Guest DJ

Rob 'Space-Hips’ Morgan (If There Is Hell Below)
We are very pleased to have Cosmic, Space-Hopping Blogger, Rob ‘SpaceHips Morgan, spinning his personal selection of Late 60’s to Mid 70’s West Coast Country-Rock sounds for your delectation, Yeah!

+ Bonanza DJ set
Martyn Bonanza spins his latest acquisitions of Country, Blues & Americana vinyl curios.

+ Bonanza will also be screening Monte Hellman’s ’The Shooting’, arguably thee first ‘Acid Western’ from 1968 and featuring Jack Nicholson & Warren Oates plus other Western & Americana cinematic curios screening all night long.

Thursday 28th July 2011
@The Lock Tavern,
35 Chalk Farm Road,
Free Entry

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