Monday, February 27, 2012

Countrier Than Thou at The Lock Tavern

Bonanza & Son Promotions Present:
'Countrier Than Thou’… (Don’t be so!)
‘Country • Bluegrass • Blues • Americana’

@ The Lock Tavern

Thursday 23rd February 2012
Bonanza & Son is now in its ninth year of presenting the best in Country, Blues, Americana and Roots Music as well as djing quality music from Country to Krautrock as well as moving into it’s fifth year of ‘Countrier Than Thou' at the Lock Tavern.

Way back in the days when Country was still a dirty word round these parts and Americana was thought by some to be simply a typo’ error, not only having consistently sourced excellence in traditional Country, Bonanza has also discovered the most forward thinking Avant-Country, Punk-Blues, Americana and Roots with zero irony just good old quality music and very good times.

Bonanza & Son also broadcast a popular weekly radio show on Resonance 104.4FM (Every Monday evening 11pm-Midnight with repeats Sunday afternoons 1-2pm) as well as running numerous other club nights and dj sets in the Capital.

Live acts:

Tom McKean & the Emperors:
Anyone who writes a song for Johnny Cash is more than welcome on the Bonanza & Son stage and since Tom McKean and his Emperors did just that, well we were more eager to get them on at Countrier Than Thou.

If you ask us, Tom should also set his supreme, songwriting talents on writing for the likes of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits and we don’t think those two ne’er do wells would go far wrong recording ANY of Tom’s finely, crafted gems either… In fact all the greats come to mind when listening to The Emperors such as Nick Cave, Lou Reed, Johnny Cash, Scott Walker, Neil Young, The Staple Singers, Bob Dylan, Crosby Stills & Nash, The Velvet Underground, Billie Holiday, James Brown, Gene Clark to name but a few.

Tom McKean & The Emperors manage to meld many, different styles and genres effortlessly and deftly into an exquisite, melange that becomes indefinable so don’t expect a full on Country band tonight as these guys wow and swoon between Mumford and Sons-like Indie-Folk, Avant-Americana and pretty much the best of ten, whole, decades of popular songwriting.

These guys are hot property at the moment having had shit-loads of critical acclaim as well as record of the week on the Radcliffe & Maconie show and having been described by The Metro in their ‘One To Watch’ section as 'capable of making audiences go weak at the knees’.

They were also included on the superb Flowerpot Sessions compilation released by Mumford & Sons' Communion records.

'A rather beautiful record' - Mark Radcliffe
'Really, really gorgeous' - Stuart Maconie

+Trent Miller:
A very, very welcome return for Trent Miller to the Countrier Than Thou stage and hasn’t he done well and been a busy boy since he was last here?

Now signed to ‘Bucket Full Of Brains' record label and gigging all over Europe with a full band… Bonanza makes no bones about being the first to book him all those years ago when he couldn’t get arrested and now everyone wants a piece of him and yes, we will say it, ‘We told you so and you definitely heard it here first!'

Born and raised near Turin, but based in London for some years now, Miller is strongly influenced by legendary 80s performers like Jeffrey Lee Pierce of The Gun Club and Guy Kyser of Thin White Rope (he contributed a version of ‘Timing’ to the TWR tribute album Hidden Desert), whilst his version of 'Fear Of Flyin’, one of his latest albums highlights, pays tribute to another hero of his the mighty Gene Clark.

Trent will play a special, solo acoustic set tonight and spellbind you with his dark, Gothic, underground-noir mix of hangovers, anguished love, mournful Blues and lonesome Country. Fans of Americana and Country old, new or in-between by the likes of Gene Clark, Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, Gram Parsons, Steve Earle and Hank Williams will recognize a kindred spirit in his transcendental, meditations of the soul and steely worldview.

As Neil Young said 'From Hank to Hendrix’, I couldn’t have put it better myself Neil.

+ Guest dj ‘Bound For Glory'

+ Bonanza & Son DJ set (ResonanceFM)
Radio Presenters, DJ & Club night promoters playing old, dusty vinyl of the Country, Blues, Bluegrass & Americana variety plus a few oddities to twist your heads.

+ Bonanza & Son will also be screening rare cinematic, Americana curios all night including Scorsese’s ‘Boxcar Bertha' from 1972.

Thursday 23rd February 2012
@ The Lock Tavern,
35 Chalk Farm Road,
Free Entry


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