Friday, July 27, 2012

Song Of The Day

We’ve decided to start a new blog feature Bonanza & Son's ’Song Of The Day’

It might be something current or something in the news, someones birthday or maybe a brand new track we’ve been sent and not yet released or just the first tune we listen to that day but whatever it is you can be sure it will be a quality slab of music…

Today it’s Kris Kristofferson’s ‘If You Don’t like Hank Williams’ which comes from Kristofferson’s 1976 Monument LP ’Surreal Thing’ and features one of our favourite guitar lines ever played by Jerry McGee… The song also features backing vocals by the actor Gary Busey…

Gary Busey hasn’t had a good time of things in recent years having suffered suspected brain damage due to a motorcycle accident, subsequent divorce, issues with cocaine and with massive, finanacial liabilities filing for bankruptcy earlier this year… Poor bloke, we wish him the best of luck.

Link Wray-'God Out West’

This track is from Link Wray’s, eponymously titled, 1971 LP and comes in a fantastic die-cut, fold out sleeve. The album came from a very basic, rootsy recording session which took place in a chicken hut on Fred Lincoln "Link" Wray Jr’s farm… Enjoy!

SONG OF THE DAY, Wednesday 25TH JULY 2012:

Geno Lanzi-'Countdown 4-3-2-1’.

'I feel fine thanks...The scenery is out of this world... Thanks for the lights... It's mighty hot in here’.

Rockin' in Outer Space, Vol 1

SONG OF THE DAY, Tuesday 24TH JULY 2012:

George and Caplin - 'Franco Cleef Wyoming Reconstruction.'

Oh and it’s our ‘Accompanying Film Of The Day’ too…

Yes, we like BOTH kinds of music we do!
Denver Duo ‘George & Caplin’ aka Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens (Morriconez/Wentworth Kersey) and Jason Iselin provide entrancing soundscapes with their take on ‘Psychedelic, Shoegaze-Drone Americana... or something like that!


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