Sunday, October 07, 2012

Preview of new Kristofferson LP

TODAY you can hear a preview of Kris Kristofferson’s as yet unreleased LP ‘Feeling Mortal’ on the repeat of our radio show, Bonanza & Son on ResonanceFM at 1pm… 'Perfect with a Sunday roast’.

Released 5th November 2012; every track on Kristofferson’s new LP is a killer with a more upbeat, augmented sound than his two previous, stripped-down-bare-bones LPs 'This Old Road' from 2006 & 'Closer to the Bone’ from 2009.

With 'Feeling Mortal’ Kristofferson has utilised pedal steel and fiddles plus full-on, pounding Country on stand-out tracks like ‘Bread For The Body’ and ’Stairway To The Bottom’.

We reckon it’s his best album in almost 40 years perhaps since Border Lord from 1972.

As always we will be tracing the roots and subsequent influence of the pioneers, innovators, outlaws, renegades and mavericks of Country Music and Americana’s past present and future…
+ live atcs
+ featurettes 'Country Birthdays’ for Marty Stuart…

… and ‘Celluloid-Country’ where we look at the soundtrack to John Carpenter's ‘Dark Star’ in particular the song ‘Benson, Arizona’ as sung by John Yager, music written by John Carpenter and lyrics by Bill Taylor.

+ Competitions, album and gig ticket giveaways.

Tune in on 104.4FM in London or online
Sundays at 1pm( Repeat from Wednesdays at 4pm)


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