Friday, January 11, 2013

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Wednesday 23rd January 2013
Oh Gun Quit!
On the run up to their gig at Countrier Than Thou @ THe Lock Tavern on the 31st January 2013 Oh Gun Quit are one of the hottest, London properties worth viewing at the moment and you won’t find any Cowboy estate agents in tow!…

… These guys n gals have been variously described as Blitz Bop, Exotica, authentic Garage Punk, Rumble-Surf-Trash and much more that doesn’t really do them justice… Here at ‘Bonanza & Son’ we like to think of them as part of Country’s extended Family under the influence of the most intoxicating elements of seven decades of Rock ’n Roll.

Wednesday 30th January,
Kelly Joe Phelps.
Lap steel supremo and Sumner, Washington born Phelps crosses the Atlantic to play a bunch of choice, UK gigs in light of his most recent and critically acclaimed LP 'Brother Sinner and the Whale’… This is gonna be an ace session & not to be missed.

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‘Tracing the roots and subsequent influence of the pioneers, innovators, outlaws, renegades and mavericks of Country Music and Americana’s past present and future'.


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