Saturday, March 09, 2013

Brand new night + Shovels & Rope interview...

It’s all go at Bonanza towers this weekend:

We are just editing the live session and interview we pre-recorded on Friday morning with our favourite South Carolinan's ‘Shovels & Rope’ and it sounds ace so we will broadcast ASAP + they mentioned an exclusive we were sworn not to divulge until it is officially announced on Monday!??

Cary-ann and Mark were lovely both interview and live session and we couldn’t help but think they have a very big, bright future ahead of them as a car came to pick them up afterwards and rushed them off and over to Robert Elms show on BBC London.

They play live at The Slaughtered Lamb on Sunday and Monday… See you there.

Tonight Friday we are spinning our vinyl wares at The New Rose on Essex Road, Angel til 2am

Saturday evening there is a late screening of the original Django, the Spaghetti Western from 1966 directed by Sergio Corbucci (makes Tarantino look like The Wizard Of Oz!) at The Rio Cinema in Dalston, London (makes Tarantino look like The Wizard Of Oz!)

Next week doesn’t let up either as we are incredibly excited to announce our brand new DJ/VJ Set at
John Salt on Upper Street, Islington, London N1 on Monday night:

Bonanza & Son Present:
The Biggest Little Picture Show On Earth @ John Salt:

A night of films, film soundtracks and other related scores and oddities.

Taking as our inspiration Cecil B. DeMille’s ‘The Greatest Show On Earth’ from 1952, as well as ‘The Smallest Show On Earth’ starring Peter Sellers from 1957,
Bonanza & Son will be screening significant, key films with a themed DJ set.

This month we will screen two Sci-Fi, cult classics with a space theme:
John Carpenters ‘Dark Star’ from 1974 and Douglas Trumbull’s ‘Silent Running’ from 1972 starring Bruce Dern.

Carpenter’s ‘Dark Star’ tells the wacked-out tale of four astronauts in deep space, whose mission is to destroy unstable planets in star systems which are later to be colonised. The Commander is dead but cryogenically stored in deep freeze where he is still able to offer advice to the crew! The crew must also cope with a runaway alien, which resembles a beach-ball, faulty computer systems and a ‘smart bomb’ with God-like delusions.
Dark Star is a visionary exploration of contemporary paranoia in the face of over-population and advancing technology.

‘Silent Running’ is set in a future where all trees are extinct on Earth. Commercial astronaut Bruce Dern is given orders to destroy the last of Earth's plant life, which he has been lovingly tending in a giant greenhouse on board his spacecraft.
Silent Running is an ecological thriller way ahead of its time and all the more pertinent in the face of globalisation and depleted resources.

See these films whilst Bonanza & Son play relevant soundtracks, futuristic soundscapes, Psychedelia new and old plus contemporary electronic music and it’s influencial forebears.

Records played will include: BBC Radiophonic workshop, Goat, Morricone, Kraftwerk/Krautrock, Raymond Scott, Scott Walker Kriedler+Tarwater, John Carpenter, Zombie Zombie, Lalo Shifrin, Pretty Things, Nuggets and Rubble compilations, Trentemøller, Stockhausen, Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, Wendy Carlos, Hawkwind plus all manner of Cult Film scores and soundtracks.

Monday 11th March 2013

131 Upper St, Islington,
London, N1 1QP

As we said earlier our new night was inspired in part by ‘The Greatest Show On Earth’ which at the 1953 Oscars won 'Best film' however many consider it to be one of, if not, the worst films ever to win the Academy Award.

'High Noon’ was also nominated and is by far the superior film if not the best Western ever made. A landmark in minimalist suspense and edge-of-your-seat drama clocking in at only 85 minutes in comparison to the bloated 150+ minutes of ‘The Greatest Show On Earth’.

It is worth considering the political climate at the time as Joseph McCarthy was pursuing Communists in no uncertain terms and the ‘The Greatest Show On Earth’ Director, Cecil B. DeMille, was openly supportive of McCarthyism. Also worth noting 'High Noon' was produced by Carl Foreman who was on the McCarthy/Hollywood blacklist. Worse still 'High Noon’ itself has also been seen as a scathing, political commentary on the McCarthy witch-hunts.

That said the train wreck scene in ’The Greatest Show on Earth’ is a cinematic masterwork of the time and it has also been suggested that the Oscar was seen as more of a lifetime achievement award for Cecil B. DeMille as The Academy had not been formed when he was producing some of his greatest works.

Both films contain very significant train scenes that lay at the symbolic core of both films.

The train wreck scene in 'The Greatest Show On Earth' was a massive influence on Stephen Spielberg who claims it actually inspired him to begin making films in the first place. An almost carbon-copy of this train wreck scene, albeit using CGI, appears in the film ‘Super 8’ produced by Spielberg. There is also a scene in his earlier remake of ‘War Of The Worlds’ where the train wreck is seen to be televised.


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