Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hatch Show Prints Jim Sherradon + The Tillers on Bonanza & Son on ResonanceFM this week...

Today we have a truly stunning live session from Cincinnati, Ohio's favourite Sons The Tillers plus an interview with the world renowned Hatch Show Print Nashville's Maestro, Artist, Printer and Curator Jim Sharraden who is heading the first exhibition of his print shops work on British soil.

The world famous Hatch Show Print in downtown Nashville has been producing show posters for famous acts like Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and the Grand Ole Opry since 1879.

Hear the fantastic live session from Muddy Roots signings The Tillers all the way from the North Western Appalachian Coal Country, USA.

The Tillers have a punk Rock attitude with a Appalachian, Roots based, down home sound and the combination is what gives the Tillers their driving, Old-Time holler and stomp the stamp of real authenticity.

Bonanza & Son on ResonanceFM 13th November 2013: The Tillers+Jim Sherraden (Hatch Prints Nashville) by Bonanza & Son on Mixcloud


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