Sunday, July 13, 2014

Neil Young and Crazyhorse

A truly amazing gig from Neil Young and Crazyhorse tonight at Hyde Park London 12th July 2014.

Here's the track list. A nice varied mixture of songs from across Neil's oeuvre with something for everyone.

I loved the way they would lock into a trance-inducing groove especially the 15 minute extended 'Love And Only Love' and a jaw-dropping rendition of 'Down By The River'.

We were also treated to a brand new song and the rarely heard 'Separate Ways' from the scrapped early 70's 'Homegrown' LP.

•Love And Only Love (RG)
•Goin' Home (AYP)
•Days That Used to Be (RG)
•After The Gold Rush (ATG)
•Love to Burn (RG)
•Separate Ways
•Only Love Can Break Your Heart (ATG)
•Blowin' In The Wind
•Heart Of Gold (H)
•Barstool Blues (Z)
*Rockin' In The Free World (F)
•Psychedelic Pill (PP)
•Cinnamon Girl (EKTIN)
•Who’s Gonna Stand Up And Save The Earth (New song)
•Down By The River (EKTIN)


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