Friday, March 06, 2015

Bonanza & Son on ResonanceFM 25th February 2015

'Listen On Demand' now available for last week's Bonanza & Son on Resonance 104.4fm
Just click the Mixcloud link below to hear pre-release tracks from Josh Rouse upcoming new LP 'The Embers Of Time'

We also have a moving and compelling live session from Boss Caine on the run up to his gig tomorrow night at Countrier Than Thou at The Lock Tavern Camden.

As always Bonanza & Son play the best of all the upcoming Country & Americana releases including brand new records from Steve Gunn & The Black Twig Pickers, Nathan Bowles and tracks from our other live guests from tomorrow night's 'Four Songwriters' event namely George Frakes, John E Vistic and Davey James...

Bonanza & Son On Resonance 104.4fm
‘Tracing the roots and subsequent influence of the pioneers, innovators, outlaws, renegades and mavericks of Country Music and Americana’s past present and future'

1. Steve Gunn & Black Twig Pickers-‘Cardinal 51’ (Seasonal Hire) (Thrill Jockey) (2015)
2. Nathan Bowles-‘The Smoke Swallower’ (Nansemond) (Paradise Of Bachelors) (2014)
3. Josh Rouse-‘JR Worried Blues’ (The Embers Of Time) (Yep Rok) (2015)

Boss Caine live session and interview
• Starcrossed Lovers
• Lady Macbeth
• Dead Man’s Suit

4. John E Vistic- Forty Days (Welcome Down The Night) (2015)
5. Davey James- Heartache & Gin (Seen More EP) (2014)
6. George Frakes-Letting Go (Burn The Hollow EP) (2014)
Bonanza & Son UPCOMING Sessions:
Good Luck Mountain/Mike Ferrio (4th March)
Dylan Carlson & Earth (March TBC)
Andy Dale Petty (18th March)
Cale Tyson (22nd April)

Bonanza and Son - 25th February 2015 by Resonance Fm on Mixcloud


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