Thursday, June 04, 2015

Last week's radio show...

Bonanza & Son on ResonanceFM
Wednesday 27th May 2015

Jeremiah Sammartano and Dan Beaulaurier join us in the studio to talk about their short UK tour including a performance at our Countrier Than Thou night at The Lock Tavern Camden, London...

Jermiah and Dan also perform some of their fine songs for our aural pleasure... Full details below...

Jeremiah Sammartano
It's not often Bonanza & Son book a genuine member of the Navajo nation but today we have Los Angeles based, Emmy nominated Native American singer/songwriter Sammartano and with songs titled '100 Miles To Memphis' and' 'Townes, Jesus & Me' you just know you are getting the real deal.

Jeremiah has covered many dusty raod miles over the past several years spreading music influenced by the raw blues of Charley Patton, the lyrical and often raucous sounds of The Pogues, the twang of Willie Nelson and some vintage rock and roll - "Delta Blues and Twangy Grooves" - from Los Angeles outward through the Southwest, Austin, St. Louis, Nashville (where he relocated for a spell in 2008-2009), Chicago with Jeremiah sharing stages with Willie Nelson, Southern Culture On The Skids, David Olney, Mike Stinson, SHURMAN to name just a few... In Spring 2011 Jeremiah received an Emmy nomination for writing music for the documentary, 'Prison Through Tomorrow's Eyes'. Jeremiah has three albums under his gun belt- 'Red Eyed And Restless' , 2010's 'Under Your Spell' and most recently a 10 song album called 'HOME' . .. Not to be missed.

+Dan Beaulaurier:
Bay Area Cosmic cat Dan Beaulaurier from Frisco brings his sun-drencherd Americana to warm your Country-Soul.

Ex of Norton Money now with a debut solo LP 'Car Pizza’ which was an album of consummate, songwriting beauty. A multi layered album that shows Dan’s immense talent as a songwriter with smooth ballads sitting pretty next to Psychedelic guitar rockers that bring to mind elements of The Meat Puppets or even a mellower Husker Du and the best of the Paisley Underground as well as the bohemian credibility of Richard Buckner. Dan's recent live performances following the release of the album have been mindblowing and his full band line up is not to be missed which includes members of everybody's favourites Hallelujah Trails.

Bonanza and Son - 27th May 2015 by Resonance Fm on Mixcloud


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