Sunday, January 03, 2016

Bonanza & Son's favourite films of 2015...

Top Five Films of 2015
1) It Follows:
Quite frankly the most beautiful horror film you’re likely to see. Every frame a visual masterpiece with a sumptuous vintage feel and a soundtrack every bit its equal by ‘DisasterPeace’.

2) The Goob:
Gritty, dark coming of age kitchen sink drama examining issues of abuse, illegal migrant workers, first love and sex all set against a back drop of East Anglia fruit pickers but with a timeless, other-worldly feel that could be anywhere past, present or future where the summers seem to last forever.

3) The Lobster:
A tense, twisted exploration of the psycho-sexual in the face of the ultimate adversity. A dystopian near-future, down to earth sci-fi where supernatural phenomena confuse and confound Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz on a pay-cut in their finest performances to date.

4) American Ultra:
A fucked-up, narco-hallucinatory slacker version of The Bourne Identity franchise but far far more interesting and twisted.

5) Black Mass:
Johnny Depp’s finest hour, proving he really can act and be as menacing as any De Niro or Joe Pesci gangster, an incendiary script with thrilling dialogue that would give any gangster movie a run for its money.


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