Saturday, July 16, 2016

Bonanza & Son on ResonanceFM 'Album Of The Month' August 2016

Bonanza & Son on ResonanceFM 'Album Of The Month' August 2016:
Jacob Yates & The Pearly Gate Lock Pickers - 'Goths' (Va Va Records)

People haven’t made albums like this for years, not since the Thatcher years have bands got together for all the right reasons ie purely to create under and about such difficult and agitated circumstances… Pop music as art whose only utility is to be appreciated and studied…

Here you have a band who show as much affinity with Johnny Cash, Charlie Patton and Hank Williams as they do Max Ernst, Hieronymus Bosch or Albrecht Durer...

I guess the time is right and it’s perfectly of its time inasmuch as there are real parallels to be drawn between those bleak, dark days of the mid 80's and these times of comedy governments purporting to be kindly lambs but wearing the most vicious lupine coats made from the blood-stained threads of austerity and other people’s suffering…

However enough of the darkness already, let's head towards the light and even on the darkest of ditties Jacob Yates & The Pearly Gate Lock Pickers come on like a demonic Son of a Preacher-man telling tales of drunkeness and cruelty, violence and loathing and biblical warnings of future portentous events but always at the end of their musical tunnels are chinks of fractured, sparkling light making each and every song an Apocalyptic-Gospel hymnal.

You can almost see Jacob charming snakes and speaking in tongues as he comes down from the mountain with his dark but always redemptive Doom-Wop and Death-Country.

‘Goths’ is both the perfect soundtrack and the antidote for a world weary of bad news, tired of seeing and seriously in need of redemption and deliverance.


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