Saturday, November 12, 2016

Is this the best album of 2016?

Paul Cauthen - ‘My Gospel’

This is a pounding, stomping, twanging genuinely outlaw masterpiece of an album - But for every ounce of twang, spit, grit, mud, blood and beer there are equal, three-finger-whiskey measures of heartfelt Country Soul, blissed-out Space Gospel and truly cosmic American music - none of that cringeworthy cod Country Psych’ or tagged on rubberized Soul here just rousing, punch-the-air choruses, inspired instrumentation and exquisite arrangements.

Paul cut his teeth, tonsils and chops with his more than worthy predecessors Sons Of Fathers but he’s truly found his voice on his debut solo and that voice is one hell of a hefty baritone reminiscent of some of the greats such as Waylon, The Big O and even Elvis comes to mind at times but Cauthen is always his own man.

To go with this incredible voice there’s some truly great songwriting with the spirit of Mickey Newbury and Steve Young approvingly watching over proceedings but again always with Cauthen’s own take and feel - Plenty of variety here too and yet paradoxically without veering or steering too far from the straight and narrow - Call it Gospel, call it Country, call it Americana & Roots if you have to but be in no doubt this is the real deal.

If there’s a better album released in 2016 Bonanza & Son are yet to hear it.
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