Monday, June 26, 2017

Kraftwerk at The Royal Albert Hall 21 June 2017

New water bottle for the bike and souvenir from last week's Kraftwerk show at The Royal Albert Hall.

Still floating the cloud and riding the wave - I've seen them a number of times now and there's no doubt in my mind they are the best live act to walk the planet...

I almost wept they were so good - Primal and yet futuristic... Once predictive but now prescriptive...

It occurred to me during this show that they pre-empted so many things we now see as commonplace and take for granted such as 'Internet Cafes', 'Online Dating' and cycling/Tour De France as mainstream rather than a minority interest... Always a truly mind-blowing experience. It's scary how good they are like a sudden realisation you've become part of some mind-control cult.


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