Friday, March 04, 2011

'Day Of The Dead'

Bonanza Presents
'Dia De Los Muertos'...'Day Of The Dead'

Each month Bonanza & Filthy MacNastys pay homage to the icons, innovators, outlaws, renegades and mavericks who in the name of their art went further than the rest and paid the 'ultimate' price...

As we say around these parts:

'If you ain’t DEAD then YOU just ain’t LIVED'.

On Sat 5th March 2011 we will pay tribute to the Laughing Mad Cap, Shining Crazy Diamond and founding member of Pink Floyd,
Syd Barrett (6 January 1946 - 7th July 2006)

We will celebrate his life & music, those he influenced and those he was influenced by with music and film projections.

Plus playing live and playing some of Syd's music will be Ex Spacemen 3/Darkside member
Sterling Roswell & The Lysergics
+ The Trippers
+ Bonanza DJs

Past Day Of The Dead heroes have included:
Hank Williams (17th September 1923 - 1st January 1953)
Jim Morrison (8th December 1943 - 3rd July 1971)
Joe Strummer (21st August 1952 - 22nd December 2002)
Johnny Cash (26th Feb 1932 - 12th September 2003)

Upcoming Day Of The Dead:
2nd April: Robert Johnson + all the Southern Bluesmen & Women.

Bonanza Presents:
'Dia De Los Muertos'... 'Day Of The Dead'

Saturday 5th March 2011
'Syd Barrett Special'


Sterling Roswell & The Lysergics:
Ex member of the influential and now legendary Spacemen 3, Sterling 'Rosco' Roswell, will pay tribute to the late great Syd Barrett with a backing band (The Lysergics) that could only be bettered by the actual Pink Floyd themselves.

After leaving Spacemen 3 he formed Shoegaze, Neo-Psych' band The Darkside.

Since going solo Rosco has been increasingly inventive and challenging. He has seemingly and effortlessly avoided categorisation and it has even been argued by Mojo writer Peter Paphides in a review of Rosco's last album that Sterling Roswell may, in actual fact, have been the true creative genius behind Spacemen

After hearing his latest single and the demos for his upcoming album this is not hard to

His latest single 'Kicks' was given a four out of five star review in this months 'Record Collector' magazine and his recent batch of songs display a maturity and psychedelic sophistication reminiscent of the trippier moments of Serge Gainsbourg with Jane Birkin and a self-production on a par withLee Hazlewood.

Diverse influences and references abound across the spectrum from 'Notorious Byrd Brothers' era Byrds to 'Hallelujah'
era Leonard Cohen and songs that should be sung by Kris Kristofferson.

Sterling Roswell has also collaborated with a huge list of critically acclaimed and legendary artists including Sky Saxon of The Seeds and Tav Falco & His Panther

Tonights tribute to the late great Syd Barrett will be something special with Rosco pulling out all the stops and proving Psychedelia is not dead but reinvented tonight at Filthy

'Two slices of 60's Garage... sounds like a Gerry Anderson theme played byDuane Eddy fronting The Strawberry Alarm Clock and sung by The Peanut Butter
Conspiracy'... Jon 'Mojo' Mills (Record Collector) 4 out of 5*****

+ The Trippers:
Do I really need to say ANYTHING about a band with a name like this?
Oh, ok... late 60's, British Psychedelia in the classic vein of Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd with harmonies that wouldn't go amiss on The Kinks more kinky moments. These Merry Pranksters produce gorgeously, sumptuous little gems about 'drinking tea, in a tree, whilst watching a marshmallow sea'... They also can rock out like the snarliest little 60's garage bands or mid 60's Stones/Pretty Things etc... Think Rubble, Nuggets, Pebbles, ad infintum!

+ Bonanza DJ (ResonanceFM)

Saturday 5th March 2011
@ Filthy MacNasties
68 Amwell Street, EC1R 1UU
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