Friday, April 27, 2012

Howdy Folks, Well be spinning a selection of records at The Lauriston tonight from our pick of ‘Record Store Day’ including: Moon Duo’s ‘Mazes Remixed’ 2012, Black Angels-‘Watch Out Boy’ 45, CW Stoneking-‘Maggie May’ 45, Kriedler and Tarwater split 12", Social Distortion's ‘Hard Times & Nursery Rhymes’ LP plus other acquisitions we’ve made along the way this week including: Husker Dü’s 'Wharehouse Songs from 1986, Psychic TV’s ‘Hell Is Invisible, Heaven Is Here' from 2007, The Fall’s ’This Nation’s Saving Grace’ from 1985’, The Stooges debut album ‘Alternative Takes’ from 1969, and last but not least The Best Of John Carpenter Original scores. As well as our not-so-usual selection of Psych’, Americana, Krautrock, Country and twisted Rock ’n’ Roll.


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