Saturday, July 28, 2012

Song Of The Day:

Bonanza & Son's ’Song Of The Day’ is ‘Building Fires’ from the soundtrack to the 1982 film ’The Border’…

Sung by Brenda Patterson with John Hiatt in the vocal shadows, 'Building Fires’ was Written by Jim Dickinson the ace, Memphis producer with a maverick philosophy and an outlaw spirit... He has worked with a diverse selection of people including Dylan, Primal Scream, The Rolling Stones, Spiritualized, Mudhoney and Ry Cooder who held the reins for this soundtrack.

Jim Dickinson is also notable for producing the brothers Cody & Luther of The North Mississippi Allstars, NOT however in the studio but from his loins as they are his Sons! Ha ha!..

In my head I can hear Gram Parsons or Gene Clark singing this song although Brenda Patterson is at the height of her game on this track and untouchable if you ask me… Enjoy.


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