Friday, August 24, 2012


So, another Bank Holiday Weekend is upon us... Bank Holidays are a bit of an odd one if you are self-employed...

It’s a bit like being given an attractive and well wrapped present only to find there’s nothing inside however somehow you still manage to use the wrapping paper to make something mildly bemusing! Fucking profound eh? Anyway...


Bonanza & Son DJ Set @ Filthy Macnastys Whiskeycafe
68 Amwell St, off Pentonville Road N1… 7-11pm

Saturday 25th Aug.
Bonanza & Son DJ Set The Lauriston.
162 Victoria Park Rd E9... 9-12.30am

We shall be playing records of a similar nature to this…

+ Country, Americana, 60’s Garage Punk, Psych & Rock ’N’ Roll.

Wednesday 29th
Bonanza & Son Film Club & Quiz at Filthy MacNasty’s.

Film quiz, film soundtracks and films screened all night including Francis Ford Coppola’s classic ‘The Converstion’ from 1974 starring Gene Hackman.

Thursday 30th
Countrier Than Thou at The Lock Tavern
The Blind Hearts
Lonesome Dave Ferguson
Jack Day
Sour Milk Sea


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