Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bonanza & Son Film Set today at 4pm + repeat of our radio show...

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Sunday 21st October 11am
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Hymn For Her live sesssion:
On the run up to their gig at ‘Countrier Than Thou’s 5th Birthday at The Lock Tavern Lucy Tight & Wayne Waxing are 'Hymn For Her', a band that hails from anywhere and everywhere in the good ol’ US of A or rather wherever they can feasibly park their Airstream trailer…

These guys are the 'real McCoy’ for sure, utilising traditional Country & Americana instruments, narrative themes and song structures whilst fusing it with a ferociously amplified and distorted electric sound that wouldn’t be out of place on a Butthole Surfers album as produced by 'Mellow Gold' era Beck on Johnny Cash's home porta-studio.

Their new release, ‘Lucy & Wayne and THE AM’AIR’ICAN STREAM’ was entirely recorded in their classic trailer on a coast to coast U.S tour. They stopped at various camp-grounds and friends driveways between shows, set up their gear in their Bambi/home recording studio, rolled ‘real’ reel tape and rocked out. Armed with a bullet mic, a three-stringed broom handle/cigar box, banjo, bass drum, hi-hat, and harp, this ‘lil duo causes massive earthquakes, tsunamis and twisters wherever they play.

+ Featurettes Country Birthdays
+Celluloid Country where we look at a film soundtrack that significantly features Country and Americana.
+ lots of old, new and unreleased Country & Americana gems.


Bonanza & Son Film Set
Sunday 21st October 2012
Defectors Weld, Shepherds Bush W12... 4-11pm


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