Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Michael Nesmith Special on ResonanceFM

In light of the recent Michael Nesmith solo UK gigs, his first in over 30 years, Bonanza & Son broadcast a somewhat unusual & unique tribute to the great man.

We decided to focus on one of his lesser known but criminally overlooked solo LPs and that is ‘The Prison: A Book With A soundtrack' from 1974.

A concept album which in 1974 came in a box with a large format book intended for the listener to read and contemplate the illustrations and that, my friends, is exactly what we did live on air…

… Hear the LP in its entirety, with all the breaks, just as 'Papa Nez' intended whilst reading from the text. The original idea being that as one reads the book and looks at the illustrations whilst listening to the LP one frees oneself and the protagonist from the prison of the mind!!!

This was a first for radio and a truly unique experience.


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