Saturday, June 06, 2015

Jim Sullivan's self titled LP from 1972

I can't quite believe it but earlier today Bonanza & Son took delivery of this sealed copy of the rare as rocking horse semen follow-up to Jim Sullivan's UFO album.

This self-titled follow-up was rather bizarrely released on the Playboy label back in 1972.

The UFO album from 1969 was a small, private release on the Monnie label. It was then remixed and re-released a year later on the Century City Records label in 1970 and finally re-released a couple of years ago on the Light in the Attic label.

The Playboy record features two songs re-worked from UFO. There is an RCA single 'Highways' which is also a re-recording from UFO although the B side is only available on the single).

The Playboy Lp contains two covers, one of a John Stewart song and one penned by R.B. Greaves with the remaining seven tracks being completely original material.

Unfortunately anything resembling success eluded Sullivan and by 1975, completely disillusioned, he left L.A. for Nashville to look for session work.
However he never arrived in Music City. His car was found seemingly abandoned by the side of the desert highway with Sullivan completely vanished into the desert of the southwest without a trace never to be seen or heard of again!.. His disappearance, as mysterious as any UFO tale, has never been explained.

I haven't had the balls to open this new acquisition being that it has remained unopened, unplayed and untouched for some 43 years!!! Maybe I'll treat myself later this evening!

You can listen to the whole album here...


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