Sunday, September 09, 2012

Bonanza & Son 'First Song Of The Day':

Kevin Lamb-Last Farewell…

Taken from Lamb’s debut album from 1973 on Birth Records.

Lamb hailed from Lancashire and was known as ‘Oldham's Bob Dylan' around Northern Folk clubs and Rock venues of the early 70’s. He even went on to record a captivating version of Dylan’s ‘It’s All Over Now (Baby Blue) for his 1973 debut album ‘Who Is The Hero'.

Following the release of the album the title track was covered by London band Rare Bird, which led to Kevin eventually becoming a member of the band. I nearly fainted when I found a vinyl copy in a junk shop recently as you’d be lucky to get a vinyl copy for under 50 quid but the album has been re-released on CD with extra tracks.

Saturday 8th September 2012

Bonanza & Son 'First Song Of The Day’:

Eleventh Dream Day-‘Bagdad’s Last Ride’

Better than the hair of the dog, Wooooooooooooh!

Taken from their second full length album but first for major label Atlantic from 1989.

Bagdad's Last Ride
Eleventh Dream Day

Friday 7th Sept' at the New Rose
Bonanza & Son DJ Set
Spinning Rock ’N’ Roll and it’s immediate family plus the friendly in-laws:

From Americana to Krautrock, Country to Psychedelia + oddities, film soundtracks etc.


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