Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bonanza & Son 'Song Of The Day’:

Bonanza & Son 'Song Of The Day’:

‘Runaway 67’-Del Shannon

Ok, so it’s early 1967, Del Shannon is on tour in England. He happens to bump into Rolling Stones manager, producer and svengali Andrew Loog Oldham. Oldham gushes at how much he loved Shannon’s 1961, worldwide, smash-hit ‘Runaway’ and insists they immediately go into the studio and record a whole album complete with all the trappings of heady London circa 1967. Oldham also insists that a re-recording of ‘Runaway’ will be the pinnacle of the LP and a full-blown, lush orchestra was employed that included John Paul Jones, Nicky Hopkins and Jimmy Page no less to name but three… and thus ‘Runaway ’67’ was borne…

...This was the last song of Bonanza & Son’s DJ set tonight @ The Lauriston and whenever I hear this song it ALWAYS brings a tear to my eye... Genius!


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