Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Israel Nash Gripka + The James Low Western Front

Howdy Folks,

Bonanza & Son have some incredibly exciting news regarding a couple of collaborations we are involved in as well as a very busy week ahead...

Firstly we have teamed up with Owlsworld Promotions to present our favourite sons of Portland Oregon The James Low Western Front at The Harrison in Kings Cross this Friday 9th November 2012.

We have also finalised an all day event with our very good friends Darkwood and their fantastic Country Soul Sessions at Nambucca in Holloway. The all-day event will be called 'The Country Soul Bonanza & Son Revue’ and it will take place on Sunday 2nd December from 2-11pm with acts to be announced shortly.

Also on Wednesday of this week we are taking our records down to the south coast as we will be guest djs at Israel Nash Gripka’s gig at The Prince Albert in Brighton.

Oh and don’t forget our weekly ResonanceFM radio show on Wednesday at 4:30pm (repeated Sundays at 11am)...

… And finally on Friday we will be djing at The New Rose in Angel from 8 til 2am… Phew!

Hope to see you all at one or all of these gigs…. Have a great week.
Bonanza & Son… X

Wednesday 7th November 2012
Bonanza & Son on ResonanceFM at 4:30pm.

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+ ‘Celluloid-Country’ where we discuss Americana in movie soundtracks.
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Wednesday 7th November 2012
Israel Nash Gripka
+ Anthony D’Amato

'Originally from the Ozark Mountains of the Missouri countryside but travelling to the concrete jungles of New York City, Israel Nash Gripka presents a musical tradition that reveals both the American fabric and all that rests beneath those weathered and faded blankets of the stars and stripes.

In almost conflicted ambivalence Gripka uses his upbringing as the Son of a Southern Baptist minister to contrast the realities of his life. From drinking to praying, from churches to county jails, and from sorrow to revival, his songs are stories and reflections that serve to kick like classic Rock N’ Roll all while pining with the heart of Americana roots, complete with undertones of heartfelt Soul music, Whiskey Country and Gospel choirs.

His debut release, New York Town (2009) helped to garner fans in both the U.S. and throughout Europe. With world wide accolades, multiple tours in both regions of the world and growing recognition as a songwriter’s songwriter, Gripka set out to write new songs, with new sounds, new ideas, and new people.

In an attempt to escape those fore mentioned jungles of New York City, Israel sought the taciturn fields of the once familiar countryside. In the heart of an old and dusty hay barn, nestled deep in the Catskill Mountains, Gripka, along with co-producer/drummer Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) and a group of friends, created his anticipated follow up, Barn Doors and Concrete Floors (2011) which won him ace reviews and tracks on Mojo & Uncut cover mounted CDs. Not to be missed.

+ Bonanza & Son DJ Set
@ The Prince Albert
48 Trafalgar Street Brighton, BN1 4ED

Friday 9th November 2012
The James Low Western Front
@ The Harrison Down Stairs Bar
Harrison Street,
Kings Cross,

The James Low Western Front is a fearsome, four-piece band from Portland, Oregon, playing American Roots / Alt Country music with a distinct Outsider-Country vision.

In Whiskey Farmer, singer-songwriter James Low has conceived a concept album, depicting the plight of the character in the title: an Average Joe, quirkily portrayed on the album’s front cover by Low himself.

Sadness runs through the album like wood grain. It is the tale of small-town life gone just wrong enough to be heart-breaking. Thwarted ambition, lost love, world-weariness and hard liquor are some of the time-honoured staples of Country James Low takes these and artfully sketches a vivid picture of his subject’s burning resignation and frustration with lyrics rich in detail and poignancy. This is a must-have for anyone who likes their Country Music as dry as the Nevada desert or the Handsome Family. This LP could quite easily become an understated and beautifully bleak classic with changes of tempo and attitude that bring some welcome upbeat relief.

'Offbeat, original and - given its gloomy subject - curiously enjoyable’... Martin Chilton-The Telegraph

Friday 9th November 2012… 8pm-2am
Bonanza & Son DJ Set
10 decades of Rock ’N’ Roll + it’s extended family & the friendly in-laws!
The New Rose,
84 Essex Rd,
London N1.


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