Sunday, April 28, 2013

It is with sadness that Bonanza & Son has learned that Richard Thomas, head of Programming at ResonanceFM, is leaving.

We wish him well and we are sure that his move will give him the facility to realise the many projects he has, hitherto, selflessly sacrificed in order to tirelessly realise the dreams, hopes and aspirations of so many other artists, journalists, DJs, scientists, musicians, writers, film makers and creatives generally etc etc

Bonanza & Son owes Richard a deep, debt of gratitude and thanks him for such inspired programming. After all who else would have commissioned a Country Music radio show on an avant-garde, arts-based, radio station? This was back in the days when Country was a dirty word and Americana was seen as simply a typo error.

Bonanza & Son would not be in the position it is today at the forefront of a thriving, London Americana scene had it not been for the dedication, belief and vision of Richard Thomas some eight or so years ago.

Forever in his debt,
Bonanza & Son.


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