Thursday, October 09, 2014

Exclusive one-off live session...

Legendary One Man Band D-66 will reform and replay just for us and only us on a one-off visit all the way from the deserts of Morocco... The one man Blues sensation on Bonanza & Son on ResonanceFM

Legendary Bluesman from Hoarse Records who is the only One Man Band who sacked the rest of the band and then rose from the flames and re-formed as BO NE but tonight we get the full D-66 experience and a little bit of Bone!

Listen again uploaded right now just click the Souncloud link below to listen at your leisure...

Bonanza & Son on Resonance 104.4fm features an exclusive, one time only live session from legendary One Man band [D-66] (aka BO NE) plus brand new and upcoming releases from Bob Collum & The Welfare Mothers, Thisell, Chuck Prophet, John Schooley, The Dead Brothers plus rare vinyl from David Wiffen...

Bonanza & Son on Resonance 104.4fm
Wednesdays at 4:30pm (uk time) on 104.4fm in London or anywhere on
Repeated Thursdays at Midnight.


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