Saturday, October 03, 2015

It was twenty years ago today Sgt Pepper said 'Some Might Say!'

So it was twenty years ago today... again!.. Well yesterday to be precise.
I bought this on its day of release, of course... Oasis completist innit!.. Double vinyl, gatefold first press.

Listening to it today has got me thinking... I never really liked this album to tell the truth. Well that's a bit harsh, it's my least favourite Oasis album of the first five... I stopped listening to them after 2005 and have never even heard 'Dig Out Your Soul' from 2008... Come to think of it I don't know why that is and I can't quite believe it... I'll listen to it tonight on Spotify!

Anyway I digress. As is well documented the first album, in my view, is a masterpiece and arguably the greatest debut album first equal with 'Never Mind The Bollocks'... (CS&N doesn't count for obvious reasons).

I digress, again!.. So I was slightly disappointed with the album... Firstly some of the production is terrible although that's probably splitting hairs but it does my head in... Secondly and most importantly it was just a bit too 'poppy' for me following the raw bludgeoning we had previously experienced with 'Definitely Maybe'... Also 'Don't Look Back In Anger' is just too much even for this Oasis nut and 'Bonehead's Bank Holiday' is quite frankly unforgivable...

The truth is I'm really not arsed about Noel's singing, I'm here to hear Liam, end of'!
That said I could listen to 'Roll With It', 'Wonderwall', 'Cast No Shadow' the title track and especially 'Some Might Say' until the Northern Dairies cows come home...

However the greatest achievement in my eyes was the final song 'Champagne Supernova' which is a fucking genius, inspired piece of songwriting and a Neo-Psychedelic classic the equal of any obscure Psych' 45 or Beatles tune and ironically vindicated them finally from any accusations of being mere Beatles copyists...
If they'd gone in that direction for the whole of the second disc then it may well have been their best album.


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