Tuesday, April 30, 2013

For anyone who missed our radio show with Harriet Starling & The Good Honeys live session…
Bonanza & Son on ResonanceFM includes a fantastic live session from Harriet Starling & The Good Honeys on the run up to their gig at 'Countrier Than Thou’.

Gorgeous, shimmering, Bluegrass and Old-Timey Music for the modern age… A potent, morphine-like blend of Bluegrass & Swamp Blues with voices that will melt and break both your heart and the bank! This isn’t just another band it is a 'Wild West Medecine Show' in a Victorian Music Hall with more ways to die than a double cd compilation of Murder Ballads!

+ Our usual featurettes including 'Celluloid Country' where we look at a film which features Americana significantly in its soundtrack and this week we look at William Friedkin’s ’The Hunted’ from 2003...
+ The best of all the latest, up-coming Country & Americana releases plus plenty of dusty, vinyl gems from the past.

Bonanza & Son on ResonanceFM Wed' 10th April 2013 Harriet Starling & The Good Honeys live sessioni by Bonanza & Son on Mixcloud


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