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Josh Rouse live on Bonanza & Son on ResonanceFM

Bonanza & Son On ResonanceFM
Wednesday 22nd May 2013... 4:30pm

Bonanza & Son are both honoured and incredibly excited to have Josh Rouse live in session on Wednesday 22nd May 2013:

It may have been 15+ years from roots in rural Nebraska, through time in ‘Music City’ Nashville, TN and to the current day relocated to a new home in cosmopolitan Spain but it seems that the song spirits have been constant companions for Josh Rouse. Perhaps no more so than on the singer-songwriter’s latest record, The Happiness Waltz, an album that marries both his past, present and perhaps future. He revisits an earlier era, where his music was heavily influenced by the ‘soft rock’ of the 70’s, combining it with lyrical tales drawn from the here and now of his modern day-to-day life which is deeply enriched by his children and family.

Rouse has been lauded for his special talents – creating little slices of heaven with words and music that have captured the hearts and minds of both critics and fans the globe over. Whether it is the New York Times talking about his 'Pop-Folk introspection', Filter lauding the “wide-eyed ‘thank you, ma’am’ songs that could have grated in their earnest angle if they weren’t so damn wonderfully executed” or Uncut raving about the music as 'warm, molten gold; a long bath in the serenity of well-gauged bittersweet balladry' and proclaiming him 'a talent to outrank Ryan Adams or Conor Oberst.’
Over a storied career, from the engaging debut 'Dressed Like Nebraska', through his ‘golden era’ with ‘1972' and ‘Nashville', right down to the 2011 Latin Bossa Nova-tinged LP, ‘Josh Rouse And The Long Vacations', Rouse has created a series of unique, and distinctive records, filled with sparkling melodies and enchanting lyrics.

And there is no disputing that his most recent, 'The Happiness Waltz’, again proves that he stands apart from the crowd, producing yet another set of delicate, intelligent, nuanced pop songs, all destined to become fast favorites. An album of twelve radiant new tunes, from the upbeat “This Movie’s Way Too Long” to the jangle-fest that is 'Simple Pleasures', a cohesive whole that will gain and please fans both old and new.

“Songwriting for me is something I have to do to stay on the sunny side of life. It’s my therapy. I pick up a guitar from time to time and it spills out. I feel lucky in that, after years of being blessed by their presence, the song spirits are still moving through me”… Josh Rouse

+Ramshackle Union Band live session:

The Ramshackle Union Band are a harmony driven, Folk & Americana four-piece. Rich, sumptuous vocals swirl and swoop around uplifting guitar, banjo, bass and drums. The bands rousing, live performances are fast becoming legendary, cementing their reputation as one of Britain’s leading purveyors of Old Time, Authentic Folk, Bues. and Rustic-Americana.

+ Our usual featurettes including 'Celluloid Country' where we look at a film which features Americana significantly in its soundtrack.

+Competitions gig ticket and cd giveaways.

+ The best of all the latest, up-coming Country & Americana releases.

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