Monday, June 26, 2017

Kraftwerk at The Royal Albert Hall 21 June 2017

New water bottle for the bike and souvenir from last week's Kraftwerk show at The Royal Albert Hall.

Still floating the cloud and riding the wave - I've seen them a number of times now and there's no doubt in my mind they are the best live act to walk the planet...

I almost wept they were so good - Primal and yet futuristic... Once predictive but now prescriptive...

It occurred to me during this show that they pre-empted so many things we now see as commonplace and take for granted such as 'Internet Cafes', 'Online Dating' and cycling/Tour De France as mainstream rather than a minority interest... Always a truly mind-blowing experience. It's scary how good they are like a sudden realisation you've become part of some mind-control cult.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Bob Dylan 2016 Nobel Lecture in Literature

Bob Dylan's recent response to his Nobel Literature Prize is such a holy testament to the genius of the man...

His vast, erudite knowledge and intellect is matched equally by his enduring enthusiasm and perfectly illustrates why he is such an engaging artist... In fact there is absolutely no doubt in my mind he is thee single, most important artist to have walked the earth (and on water) EVER.

On a visceral level Dylan's spoken voice is utterly beguiling and mesmerising... And especially lovely to listen to late at night with subdued lighting and a beverage of your choice.

This spoken parable, this earthy epistle also serves as a smarting slap in the face for all those negative naysayers who chose to criticise him for not acknowledging the award on their time frame rather than his - They are not worthy - Patience is very much a virtue and here the ultimate lesson because eventually we receive a true gift, a pearl of great price and a fitting work of art in itself from the master painter of yet another masterpiece.

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Monday, June 05, 2017

Bonanza & Son's review of Roger Waters new album...

Roger Waters - 'Is This The Life We Really Want'

Finger perfectly placed on the pulse of the political and emotional landscape - A record of and for our times ...
A truly compelling series of observations, positive and negative valence vignettes and contemporary critique - A stark warning of portentous events if humanity doesn't take on the tyrants who seem to beckon and relish its impending destruction.

Set against a backdrop of and intertwined with sumptuous, viscous layers of sound and meaning, buzzers and bells, crackling, fizzing and popping like only an old, vintage valve amp can - At the same time both beautiful and spooky, menacing and sexy; perhaps even the perfect evocation of the Kantian sublime... Love it - addicted to it! Playing it on repeat...
Bonanza & Son on Resonance 104.4fm.