Monday, May 23, 2011

Bob Dylan 70th birthday tribute @ Countrier Than Thou

Bonanza Promotions Present
Bob Dylan 70th Birthday special

@ Countrier Than Thou
The Lock Tavern,
Thursday 26th May 2011

Playing Live…

The Rejection:
Consisting of members of Bonanza favourites Norton Money will ensure that if you come gather round people wherever you roam then thee shall hear truly exquisite and authentic harmonies from these San Franciscan, Bay Area/Swedish/English ‘cats'. These guys have been delighting audiences wide and far with their laid back as well as upbeat, psychedelic take on Country and Americana, Also expect the addition of more Rock 'N' Roll-like interludes, heart-lifting, cosmic-barnstorming and inspired Folk elements to their live performance.

Now fast proving themselves a sterling, class live act and these guys are rocking packed houses with their upbeat, West-Coast harmonies and tripped-out, bitter-sweet Post-Country lyrics... Expect them to raise the roof tonight and maybe if we’re lucky with some barn-storming renditions of a couple o’ Bobby Dylan classics as well as their own inimitable compositions.

+ Amos Zimmerman:
For several years now Amos Zimmerman has been contributing unique songwriting to the independant music scene in Israel, an uncompromising flower of originality in the muddy swamps of musical monotony. With songs charachterized by a Folky hook-lines and Countrified Melody Zimmerman throws in Blues, Americana and Rock’n’Roll to his bare-boned honest lyrics and brooding, sensitive melodies. Following the release of his self-financed debut album, 'Amos Zimmerman & the Riverband', Zimmerman toured Israel with 20 shows in one month, a roadtrip documented by a short film also soon to be released. Now, after countless performances around his home land Zimmerman has packeds his guitar and harmonicas and makes a first trip abroad with a one-month solo tour.

+ Guest DJ
Bound For Glory
(Rock ’n’ Roll, Americana, Country)

+Bonanza DJ set (ResonanceFM)
(Americana, Country & it’s extended family)

Countrier Than Thou @ The Lock Tavern
Thursday 26th May 2011
35 Chalk Farm Road,

FREE ENTRY 8 til Midnight

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Brand new night this week...

Bonanza @ The Shacklewell Arms:

Thursday 19th May 2011
8pm - 1am | FREE ENTRY

Bonanza is very proud to announce the launch of it’s brand new night at the Lock Tavern’s new venue in Dalston.

We’ve decided to keep it simple and just called it ‘Bonanza' cos quite simply it’s gonna be a night of good old fashioned Rock n Roll and a rockin bonanza that just does what it says on the tin.

Playing Live...

Lewis Floyd-Henry:
Bonanza is very pleased to have Lewis play at our launch night. He’s been very busy since we last put him on going from strength to strength with the release of his debut album, a world tour that has taken him as far as Australia and South America, an 8 hour boat trip on the day of the Royal Wedding which put the Sex Pistols to shame and a now legendary performance at Koko as support to the almighty Jim Jones Revue.

He’s gonna rock the very foundations of The Shacklewell Arms with his One Man & his 30 watt Pram insanity; coming on like a crash-helmeted Jimi Hendrix in a turbo-charged, childs pram jamming with The Wu Tang Klan and bringing down the system in one foul swoop...

Showcasing his critically acclaimed debut album on Adjust records; it’s chock full of a crazed rockin', distorted, Punk-Blues mash up with Dirty Country, Hip Hop and the rest.

Ccme along and see what all the fuss is about... he'll blow your mind, your socks off and anything else you need blowing (metaphorically speaking of course).

+ Hangdog Soundsystem:
One-man-Blues merchant Hangdog and his amazing travelling Revelator sound system

produces a ‘skronked-out’, whiskey- fuelled Swamp-Blues from a harmonica-driven, hand-built retro Sound System... This is what might happen if Son Of Dave got kicked out of a nightclub for being too drunk and getting into a fight with Doctor John; Tom Waits and Howling Wolf are the bouncers who then escort him onto the Bonanza stage for tonights soiree. Another busy bee; he also runs the (Sunday) Revelator collective, makes his own effects boxes (which he will use tonight) and lives on a boat..!

+ Acts tbc

+ guest DJ
Sterling Roswell (Spacemen 3/The Darkside)

+Bonanza DJ Set (ResonanceFM)
(Rock N Roll & it’s extended family)

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Day Of The Dead

Bonanza Presents
'Dia De Los Muertos'...'Day Of The Dead'


Playing Live:


+Bonanza DJ's

Each month Bonanza & Filthy MacNastys pay homage to the icons, innovators, outlaws, renegades and mavericks who in the name of their art went further than the rest and paid the 'ultimate' price...

As we say around these parts:

'If you ain’t DEAD then YOU just ain’t LIVED'.

On Sat 7th May 2011 we will pay tribute to the ‘Big Eyed Bean from Venus himself Captain Beefheart aka Don Van Vliet and his Magic Band (January 15, 1941 – December 17, 2010)

We will celebrate his life & those he has both influenced and been influenced by with bands, djs, visuals and film projections.

Playing live and perfoming unique versions of Captain Beefheart songs will be Skronking Punk Blues One Man Band HONKEYFINGER + One man Blues merchant Hangdog and his amazing travelling Revelator sound system

+ Bonanza DJs

Past Day Of The Dead heroes have included:
Hank Williams (17th September 1923 - 1st January 1953)
Jim Morrison (8th December 1943 - 3rd July 1971)
Joe Strummer (21st August 1952 - 22nd December 2002)
Johnny Cash (26th Feb 1932 - 12th September 2003)
Syd Barrett (6 January 1946 - 7th July 2006)
Billie Holiday (April 7, 1915 – July 17, 1959)

Upcoming Day Of The Dead:

4th June: Elvis Presley (acts tbc)

Bonanza Presents:
'Dia De Los Muertos'... 'Day Of The Dead'

Saturday 7th May 2011
‘Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet) Tribute’

Playing Live

Another very welcome return to one of Bonanza’s favourite One Man Bands. 'The Finger' always blows the roof off any venue we’ve put him on and he’s back to show his utmost respect for the Captain Don Van Vliet with his pounding, primal, amped-up & freaked-out Blues racket direct from the bowels of Hell; erupting molten, fuzz lap-steel, screaming harmonica riffs and insane, bestial howling in a scorching-hot cocktail of crazed Trash-Country Psych-Blues.... Phew... Imagine Son House being spit-roasted by The Butthole Surfers as they whistle songs by Hank Williams I, II & III around Black Sabbath's Country camp-fire that the Captain himself insists on dowsing with petrol every five minutes and you'll be somewhere close to his sound!

HonkeyFinger has worked with Two Lone Swordsmen as well as having his songs remixed by the God-like genius that is Mr. Andrew Weatherall. Not to be missed!

+ Hangdog:
Skronked out whiskey Swamp-Blues from Charlie Hangdog and his One Man Band, Harmonica-driven, hand-built retro Sound System... This is what would happen if Son Of Dave got kicked out of a nightclub for being too drunk and getting into a fight with Doctor John; Tom Waits and Howling Wolf are the bouncers who escort him onto The Filthy MacNasty stage tonight yeeeeeeeah!
He also runs the (Sunday) Revelator collective, makes his own effects boxes (which he will use tonight) and lives on a boat... 'Fuck em up!'

+ Bonanza DJ's (ResonanceFM)

Saturday 7th May 2011
@ Filthy MacNasties
68 Amwell Street,

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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Cosmic Film Club

Bonanza Presents:
'The Cosmic Film Club’
Thursday 5th May 2011

@ The New Rose

A truly unique experience and the only audio visual film club and pub quiz in the known Universe!

Imagine a pub quiz in outer space and you'll be somewhere close to the premise of Bonanza's 'Cosmic Film Club'.

Expect to hear film soundtracks, scores, commercials, TV themes, musicals etc whilst the strangest of psychedelectronic films are screened all night long + a FREE ENTRY film and music quiz with prizes... yes, you heard right, a recession busting FREE quiz with PRIZES!?? How is that possible?