Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bonanza Presents: 'Countrier Than Thou'

Bonanza Presents:
'Countrier Than Thou'...
(Country Blues Americana)

@ The Lock Tavern
Thursday 24th February 2011

Live acts:


Bonanza's 'Countrier Than Thou' club night (Last Thursday of every month) has been successfully presenting the best in Country, Blues, Americana and Roots music for over three years at the Lock Tavern back in the days when Country was a dirty word round these parts and Americana was thought by some to be a typo error!

Bonanza has sourced excellence in traditional Country as well as the most forward thinking Avant-Country, Blues, Americana and Roots music with zero irony just good old-fashioned quality music and very good times.

Bonanza also hosts a popular weekly radio show on ResonanceFM as well as numerous other club nights in the capital.

Live acts:

'Cornish lads are fishermen, and Cornish boys are miners too, but when the fish and tin are gone, what are the Cornish boys to do…?'

Well probably something as gloriously erstwhile as these boys... Surrounded by beers, beards and banjos Here are are four lads, collectively known as Crowns, together kicking around the local bars all baby-faced compared to their peers and with a collective age of only ONE Rolling Stone these lads hang on every verse, jig and reel in the smoky, salty air.

With a double shot of spunky youth, Crowns emit a mix of rousing sing-along anthems, Avant- Celtic Sea Shanties, foot-stomping rhymes and swaying, heartfelt ballads.

Crowns, now an export, are running Londoners ragged all over the capital, spreading little drops of Cornwall in their wake... We should know cos they rocked Bonanza's Joe Strummer Day Of The Dead tribute at Filthy MacNasty's last year. Can't wait.

+ Winterhours:
Bonanza is very excited to have Winterhours play at Countrier Than Thou this month with their majestic and ehuberant wall of Psychedelic Country-Rock and Americana.

Their 'Golden Assembly' EP of last year was rarely off the Bonanza turntable with it's swirling, chiming, backwards guitars bursting through phase and tremelo like the first blooms of a dewy Spring comedown Sunday morning!!!

Tonight they will showcase their upcoming new single for a Lock Tavern crowd's exclusive delectation with it's dreamy, atmospheric, sometimes delicate at others times epic wall of sound. Laden with emotion and colour, echoing rich, lush harmonies to weep and die for and showing the band paying homage to their Americana, Folk and Indie influences.

There's a definite nod to the drama and beauty of Band Of Horses as well as a knowing reminiscience of the Paisley Underground bands of the 1980's; Rain Parade, Long Ryders, Dream Syndicate as well Big Star, The Byrds, Shoegaze Indie and even a touch of Madchester/Stone Roses-isms and there's nowt wrong with that 'ar kyd.

+ Guest DJ
Wolf Council
('Acid-Western' Soundtracks, Murder Ballads & Old Blues)

+ Guest DJ
Bound For Glory
(Country, Alt Country, Americana)

+Bonanza DJ Set (ResonanceFM)
(Country, Blues, Americana)

+ film projections

Thursday 24th February 2011
@The Lock Tavern,
35 Chalk Farm Road,
Free Entry

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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Kosmic Juke-Joint

Bonanza Presents:
'Kosmic Juke-Joint'...
Psychedelectronica from outer (and inner) Space!

@ The Lock Tavern

Tuesday 15th February 2011

Live acts:

Tom Mansi & The Icebreakers single launch.

+ The Trippers
+ Martin Phillipson

This is the final Kosmic Juke-Joint in a live capacity at The Lock Tavern as we'll be concentrating on Kosmic Juke-Joint DJ sets but we wanted to make this final live event something to remember and so we are delighted to host The Tom Mansi & The Icebreakers single launch with an amazing array of live acts.

Imagine a Juke-Joint deep in space and you'll be not quite so close to the premise of Bonanza's night The Kosmic Juke-Joint...

So expect all manner of bands, Djs, artists, curators, dancers, writers, poets and performers tracing the roots and subsequent influence of the Blues into Psychedelia and the history of the droning, analogue synth, right through to glitchy, computer-based electronica and sampleadelia... and a lot more from ten decades of astounding sounds!

If pre-war, down-home, Mississippi Blues next to great slabs of monolithic Krautrock or underground rock-tronica doesn't seem wrong to you plus the latest, cutting-edge acts live on stage then you'll love it...

Bonanza Presents:
'Kosmic Juke-Joint'...
Psychedelectronica from outer (and inner) Space!

Live Acts:

Tom Mansi & The Icebreakers single launch:
Tom Mansi and the Icebreakers launch into 2011 with their new single ‘People Are Strange’, a rockin, rollicking version of The Doors classic track and 20 times better than Echo & The Bunnymen's pointless cover version. Taken from the forthcoming album ‘Perils A Plenty’, the title track of which is the B-Side of the single and tonight Bonanza is very proud to host the launch party.

The new album is going to finally rip things apart for the band with its alternative British Rockabilly-Punk sensibility and coming on like a Tom Waits with a rocket up his ass-like growl!

Unleashed and out of control the band are now doing just what they want, how they want, on their own terms and on their own record label, Metric Acorn Records. To ensure they got just the sound they wanted the band recorded the new album, Perils A Plenty, in their own studio with the help of legendary producer and mix engineer Tony Platt (AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Bob Marley) and comes as a follow up to their successful debut of 2008‘s album “Love on the Rails” which featured the breakthrough single „Holly”, BBC Radio 2‘s Record of the week.

Mansi has worked with Scottish Folk legend Donovan and surreal filmmaker David Lynch on a US tour which intriguingly combined music with lectures on transcendental meditation and world peace. Since then Mansi and the band have been touring the UK and Germany supporting the likes of Son of Dave, The Sadies, and The Heavy. Having made festival appearances at the Big Chill, Secret Garden Party, Larmer Tree and Glastonbury amongst others, the band has played more than 100 UK and European shows in 2009/2010. After a very successful UK seaside busking tour promoting their British Seaside single ‘Donkey, Punch and Judy’ they have plenty more UK gigs including an album launch at Madame JoJos as well as a German tour in their calendar. A video for ‘Donkey, Punch and Judy’ is a riotous Carry On style video that is a must see on Youtube.

“Our record of the week.” - Mark Radcliffe & Stuart Marconi (Radio 2)

“I put it on and thought this is the stuff!” - Phil Jupitus (Radio 4 and BBC 6 Music)

'Watching them was the damndest most exciting thing I'd seen in ages!' -Blues in London.

+ The Trippers:
Do I really need to say ANYTHING about a band with a name like that?

Oh, ok... late 60's, British Psychedelia in the classic vein of Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd with harmonies that wouldn't go amiss on The Kinks more kinky moments.

These Merry Pranksters produce gorgeously, sumptuous little gems about 'drinking tea, in a tree, whilst watching a marshmallow sea'... Rubble, Nuggets, Pebbles, ad infintum!

+ Martin Phillipson:
Old-school, Mississippi, Finger-picked Blues of the masters a la Mississippi John Hurt, Blind Lemon Jefferson as well as Lead Belly, Big Bill Broonzy, Stefan Grossman,
Burt Jansch, John Renbourne, Tim Buckley, Tim Hardin Phil Ochs, Davey Graham and maybe even a rendition of 'The Guildford Disaster'. Righteous!

+Bonanza DJ Set (ResonanceFM)
(Psychedelectronica killers & obscure dancefloor fillers)

+ Resident Guest DJ:
Johnny P
(Psychedelic AfroBeat + other Universal treats)

+ Film projections, cosmic lightshow + Skull Stroboscope!!!

Tuesday 15th February 2011

The Lock Tavern
35 Chalk Farm Road,

Free Entry
8pm - 12 Midnight

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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Day Of The Dead:Johnny Cash special

Bonanza Presents:

'Dia De Los Muertos'... 'Day Of The Dead'


Saturday 5th February 2011

'Johnny Cash Special'


Christopher Rees

+ The Rejection

Each month Bonanza & Filthy MacNastys pay homage to the icons, innovators, outlaws, renegades and mavericks who in the name of their art went further than the rest and paid the 'ultimate' price...

As we say around these parts:

'If you ain’t DEAD
then YOU just ain’t LIVED'

On Sat 5th February 2011 we will pay tribute to the Man in Black himself
Johnny Cash (26th Feb 1932 - 12th September 2003)

We'll be celebrating Johnny's life and work from his early days on a cotton farm in Arkansas to St. Quentin & Folsom Prison, we'll look at his work with his beloved wife June Carter as well as his daughters right up to his last great works with inimitable producer Rick Rubin.

with bands and djs (See below)
playing his music plus those he influenced & who influenced him.

Saturday 5th March sees us pay tribute to the late great
Syd Barrett (6 January 1946 - 7th July 2006)

Live acts:
Sterling Roswell (Spacemen 3/ Darkside)
+ acts tbc

We will celebrate his life & music...Playing live will be Ex 'Spacemen 3' member Sterling Roswell plus acts & DJs tbc.

Past Day Of The Dead heroes have included:

Hank Williams (17th September 1923 - 1st January 1953)
Jim Morrison (8th December 1943 - 3rd July 1971)
Joe Strummer (21st August 1952 - 22nd December 2002)

Bonanza Presents:

'Dia De Los Muertos'... 'Day Of The Dead'

Saturday 5th February 2011

'Johnny Cash Special'


Christopher Rees:
Bonanza is very proud to present Christopher Rees who has been making and shaking of late following acclaimed support slots with Steve Earle, Chuck Prophet, The Sadies and The Handsome Family as well as performances at South by South West 2010 in Texas.

Chris has promised a healthy offering of Johnny Cash cover versions tonight as well as highlights from his own critically acclaimed album 'Devil's Bridge'. He will also showcase brand new tracks from his, as yet, unreleased follow up 'Heart On Fire'.

The Welsh Music Awards Best Male Solo Artist will perform his grim, portentous narratives and shadowy secrets; his previous album was not called 'Cautionary Tales' for nothing!...

Rees is also the first and only act in over a decade to support former Velvet Underground legend John Cale as well as having performed a number of national radio live sessions for the likes of Janice Long on Radio 2, Radio 1s Evening Session as well as live sessions on London's best radio station Resonance104.4FM.

Following his appearance at SXSX plus an extensive 'field trip' in the deep South of America, Rees has taken the original themes, mood and music of his previous album and produced a work of both authentic charm and stunning originality that is truly breathtaking in such a short space of time.

Expect Post-Country, banjo-picked parables with an eeriness and gravitas that makes 'Deliverance' look like 'Babes in The Wood'. 'Don't have nightmares now!'

Seriously amazing stuff': NME

'From that first track I was hooked; his delivery, there's a depth, a roughness that goes with that melodic suss... In the next few years I think he'll develop even more and when you bear in mind where he's at now, that's pretty scary': Phil Alexander (Editor in Chief - MOJO)

+ The Rejection:
This newish project from Jeremy Mendonca of Norton Money are fast proving themselves to be a sterling, class, live act.

Come gather round people wherever you roam and experience the truly exquisite and authentic harmonies from a truly international trio ranging from a San Franciscan, Bay Area 'cat', Swedish Banjo-plucker and a sweet-voiced, English maiden on bass.

These guys are delighting audiences all over Londinium with their laid back, psychedelic take on Country and Americana, Also expect the addition of more Country-Rock 'N' Roll-like interludes, heart-lifting, cosmic-barnstorming and introspective folk elements to their live performance.

The last time these guys took to the Bonanza stage they rocked a packed house with their upbeat, West-Coast harmonies and tripped-out bitter-sweet Post-Country lyrics... Expect them to raise the roof tonight with barn-storming renditions of some Johnny Cash classics as well as their own inimitable compositions.

+ Bonanza DJs (ResonanceFM)

Saturday 5th February 2011

@Filthy MacNasties

68 Amwell Street,

Free Entry

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Cosmic Film Club @ The New Rose

Bonanza Presents:
'The Cosmic Film Club'

@ The New Rose

Thurs 3rd February 2010
(FIRST Thursday of the month)

A truly unique experience and the only audio visual film club and pub quiz in the known Universe!

Imagine a pub quiz in outer space and you'll be somewhere close to the premise of Bonanza's 'Cosmic Film Club'.

Expect to hear film soundtracks, scores, commercials, TV themes, musicals etc whilst the strangest of psychedelectronic films are screened all night long + a FREE ENTRY film and music quiz with prizes... yes, you heard right, a recession busting FREE quiz with PRIZES!?? How is that possible?

Your host, DJ & Quiz master:
Bonanza (ResonanceFM)
(Film soundtracks, scores, TV themes, commercials, adverts, musicals, radio broadcasts & all manner of strange & Psychedelectronica sounds effects)


The New Rose
84-86 Essex Road,
N1 8LU